Kevin Derbyshire

I was born in Leigh-on-Sea in 1957 and moved with my family to Norwich at the age of eight. Having done Foundation courses at Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design and at Norwich School of Art, I did a degree in Fine Art at Sunderland Polytechnic, graduating in 1983. There, I met my wife Liz.

We moved back down south and eventually settled in Harrow. We have three children, now grown up and independent.

The work shown is recent – it has been produced over the last fifteen years, with most done in the last five years. I made drawings of our three children in 2000 which started this productive period.

About ten years ago, I was inspired to take up watercolours by the work – and words – of David Curtis R.O.I. R.S.M.A. To this day, when I use watercolours, I use only the colour palette he recommended. I started to investigate other materials and techniques, and to concentrate less on observation and more on feelings and subconscious images, whilst retaining a love for the translucence of watercolours, inks and eventually, silicone sealer.

Jackson Pollock once said: "It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said". I like that statement. My work certainly demonstrates my agreement with the first part of the statement – that it doesn't matter how the paint is put on. As far as the second part is concerned; what is being said is mostly subconscious.

Recent Exhibitions

Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road - ‘Face to Face’ - 2013

Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road - ‘Gazing around’ - 2013

Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road - ‘Face to face’ - 2012

Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green Road - ‘Viewpoints’ - 2012

West House, Pinner - 2012

Emmanuel Church, Northwood - 2010

Wealdstone Centre, Harrow - 2009

Gayton Library, Gayton Road, Harrow - 2007